Clarinbridge is a wonderful place. It has that mix of style, culture and fun that few places can rival. Rich in history and generous in spirit, you are always guaranteed wonderful memories when you visit our pretty village by the sea.

The sea has played, and continues to play a pivotal role in the life of Clarinbridge. From our shallow, sheltered shores come our most famous export, the renowed Clarinbridge Oyster.

Why is the Clarinbridge Oyster so famous? Well, quiet simply for the taste – it’s unrivalled. No where else on this vast planet can match the perfect conditions that exist in Clarinbridge for growing and harvesting Oysters – a sheltered bay, a perfect ratio of fresh and salt water and added to this the skill and knowledge of a community who are immersed in Oyster harvesting since Roman times.

And since its inception in 1954 …

we come together to celebrate this king of seafood and this unique history. With the Oyster at its centre, we deliver a festival of food, of entertainment, of music, of dancing and most of all a festival of fun. And all of this packaged in facilities and service levels of the highest quality.

A festival of this calibre cannot happen without significant contributions from many supporters. Firstly, the voluntary festival committee, a group of local people who are driven by their sense of community and their determination to organise a festival that can surpass any other week-end entertainment, anywhere in the world. Our multiple key sponsors and to our advertising sponsors – local people and enterprises that believe so much in the festival that they are willing to financially support our efforts.
Finally, let us take this opportunity to invite you to this year’s festival. Whether coming to Clarinbridge for the first time or if like many of our patrons you are a regular visitor, our message is the same – “The world is your Oyster, and Clarinbridge is its home”

Bí linn and bain taitneamh as.

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