The Village of Clarinbridge grew up around a market and the market itself grows around the bridge that spans the River Clarin that runs through the village.

When the market developed, the Reddingtons (the local landlords) donated to the village a triangular portion of land in the heart of the village. They built a cut stone wall around it and planted beech and chestnut trees along the wall. These trees now provide shelter and shade to this lovely piece of ground..

It is in this setting that the annual Clarinbridge Market is held. This market is a journey back into the past and a glimpse into the future; a day when time does not matter and people gather to remember and to celebrate with music and song.

The revival of the annual market day in 1993, was the brain-child of the late Rev. Hon Keogh who was parish priest of Clarinbridge at the time. He wanted a day each year to be dedicated to re-living the past, showing how, and at what pace our grandparents and great-grandparents lived.

We have discovered a lot of hidden talents in many varied fields such as crafts, cookery, music and song.

Market day is usually held on the first Saturday in September.
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