World Famous Clarenbridge Oysters

The beautiful village of Clarinbridge is situated in South Galway on the main route from Galway to Limerick, at the mouth of the Clarin River.

West of the village is Dunbulcan Bay from where we harvest the world famous Clarinbridge oysters, the best in the world.

Here exists the perfect combination of natural elements required to produce the perfect oyster. Protected in the bay from the full force of the Atlantic storms, the 700 acres of beds also have the ideal mixture of fresh and seawater, so vital for oyster development.

Native Irish oysters, ostrea edulis, also known as the European Flat Oyster are reputed to be the best-flavoured oysters in the world. Oysters have always been linked with love. When Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, sprang forth from the sea on an oyster shell and promptly gave birth to Eros, the word “aphrodisiac” was born.

The dashing lover Casanova also used to start a meal by eating 12 dozen oysters. Romance aside, oysters are a pretty healthy option for everyone – they’re a valuable source of minerals, such as zinc, calcium and copper, and are also rich in iodine and low in cholesterol. Good news also is that each oyster has only 7 calories!!

So join us at the 2019 Clarinbridge Oyster Festival and perhaps after you’ve sampled our Oysters you’ll love longer, live longer and look younger!

“Life is full of paradoxes, this differs not for the grain of sand. Praised for its many uses, from glass to blocks to farming land. An irritation to the eye or in the shoe, its sharp surface can sever and sting. Yet this same irritation within an Oyster, produces a beautiful Pearl, for necklace or a ring.”
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